Fast Battery Charger

Revolutionizing high frequency fast battery charging

The REVOLUTION Series is an innovative line of ultra-high frequency battery chargers that incorporates cutting edge modular power design that delivers efficiencies greater than 90% throughout the entire charge cycle. As the charge cycle progresses and the output current tapers down, the charger will turn off unneeded modules, allowing the remaining modules to operate at peak efficiency.

Fast Battery Chargers

Unmatched energy savings

  • Highest charging efficiency throughout the entire charge cycle
  • Lowest energy costs related to battery charging
  • Latest generation MOSFET power conversion technology

Innovative modular architecture

  • Multi-voltage 1.3kW power modules, that can be combined to produce over 30kW output
  • “Plug and Play” utility makes expansion easy and inexpensive
  • No Downtime! Charger remains operational if a power module fails

Cost effective with long term savings

  • Low initial cost versus traditional fast chargers
  • Charger can be programmed for all lead acid battery types (flooded, low maintenance, gel, and sealed)
  • The Revolution battery charger eliminates the need to replace chargers as your lift truck/battery fleet changes in the future

REVOLUTION Fast Battery Charger Specifications

Efficiency Chart

*48V chargers are capable of charging 24/36/48 batteries & 36V chargers are capable of charging 24/36 batteries

The REVOLUTION charger, when combined with the PowerTrac data logger, has the ability to be multi-voltage (24/36/48 ),* allowing the charger to automatically charge a wide range of batteries and amp hour capacities, making the REVOLUTION the last charger you will need to purchase.

The REVOLUTION Series fast battery charger is a combination of cutting edge charging and energy management technologies, with a smaller footprint, lower acquisition costs, easy maintenance, and flexible configurations, which makes updating your fleet of electric lift trucks a more attractive investment than ever before. Free your operation from spare batteries, daily battery changes, battery storage areas, and energy inefficient charging!