Opportunity Battery Charger

A New Era in Charging Technology

Revolutionizing high frequency opportunity battery charging

The REVOLUTION™ series is the first full line of opportunity battery chargers with total charge cycle efficiencies greater than 90% and peak efficiencies exceeding 92%. The REVOLUTION series features unparalleled modularity and state-of-the-art MOSFET soft switching technology resulting in lower energy costs, smaller sizes and lighter units.


  • Highest total charge cycle efficiency available
  • Total charge cycle efficiency >90%
  • Peak charging efficiency >92%
  • Maximum energy savings

Leading high frequency charging technology

  • Advanced power conversion with soft switching technology
  • >100kHz switching frequency
  • Minimal energy loss, lighter chargers, smaller footprint

Modular and redundant architecture

  • Fault tolerance
  • N+1 redundancy capability
  • Simplest serviceability in the industry

High return on investment

  • Immediate energy cost savings
  • Eliminate need for extra batteries
  • Reduce the need to purchase multiple chargers through flexible and reconfigurable design

REVOLUTION Opportunity Battery Charger Specifications

Spec Chart

*48V chargers are capable of charging 24/36/48 batteries & 36V chargers are capable of charging 24/36 batteries

The REVOLUTION charger, when combined with the PowerTrac data logger, has the ability to be multi-voltage (24/36/48 ),* allowing the charger to automatically charge a wide range of batteries and amp hour capacities, making the REVOLUTION the last charger you will need to purchase.

The REVOLUTION Series fast battery charger is a combination of cutting edge charging and energy management technologies, with a smaller footprint, lower acquisition costs, easy maintenance, and flexible configurations, which makes updating your fleet of electric lift trucks a more attractive investment than ever before. Free your operation from spare batteries, daily battery changes, battery storage areas, and energy inefficient charging!