REVOLUTION Forklift Battery Rental Charger

REVOLUTION Rental Charging Solution

The REVOLUTION rental charger is capable of charging 24, 36 and 48 Volts batteries at a conventional rate. When the charger is in rental mode it has built in battery parameters that are detected based on voltage.

Rental Charger Features

  • Preset battery voltages and corresponding capacities for quick selection on the LCD key pad display
  • No battery monitor required
  • Compatible with PT3 but not required
  • Integrated stand that can be used for floor or shelf mounting
  • Easily moved with integrated fork pockets in stand
  • Charger cables can be coiled and stored on the stand during transportation and storage
  • Comes with a 10 foot AC cord and plug, allowing connection to the 480 VAC supply
  • Standard SB350 keyless connector, allowing the charger to connect to different SB350 color battery connectors
Rental Forklift Battery Chargers

REVOLUTION Rental Charger Preset

The charger’s Rental Mode stores various battery capacities and voltages. These combinations can easily be chosen from the chargers LCD display and selected with the keypad. The list of available battery capacities programmed in the rental charger is below, with the bolded ampere (Ah) being the defaults in each voltage.

Rental Forklift Charger

 REVOLUTION Rental Charger Product Brochure

The REVOLUTION charger is available in conventional, opportunity, and fast charging applications.