A REVOLUTION in Charging Technology

High-efficiency modular battery chargers that eliminates charger downtime and save you money

The REVOLUTION Series is an innovative line of ultra-high frequency battery chargers that incorporates cutting edge modular power design that delivers efficiencies greater than 90% throughout the entire charge cycle. As the charge cycle progresses and the output current tapers down, the charger will turn off unneeded modules, allowing the remaining modules to operate at peak efficiency. Meaning significantly reduced energy use and decreased energy costs compared to other current technologies.

REVOLUTION chargers make your fleet more efficient, productive and sustainable. The REVOLUTION series modular high-frequency charger saves you money by using less electricity to do the same amount of work as other chargers. Batteries charged by the REVOLUTION series take less time to charge because less energy is being wasted and more power is being transferred into the battery. Other chargers boast high peak efficiency levels, meaning at one time during the charge the charger hit that efficiency. While the REVOLUTION series continues to charge at efficiencies greater than 90% during the entire charge cycle, resulting in true energy savings over other high frequency chargers.

Efficiency Chart

The higher total charge cycle efficiency achieved by the REVOLUTION chargers results in the lowest energy cost per charge cycle in the industry. For a typical 36V/850Ahr battery, this savings translates into ~1.5 kWhr per charge cycle, or greater than 400 kWHr per year per battery.

The REVOLUTION Series is a combination of cutting edge charging and energy management technologies, with a smaller footprint, lower acquisition costs, easy maintenance, and flexible configurations, which makes updating your fleet of electric lift trucks a more attractive investment than ever before. Free your operation from spare batteries, daily battery changes, battery storage areas, and energy inefficient charging!

Efficiency Chart

The REVOLUTION charger series spans conventional, opportunity, and fast charging applications.

REVOLUTION Battery Charger Specifications

Technical Specificifations